Memoria Press Geography II - Text

Memoria Press Geography II - Text

Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceania, & the Americas

by Dayna Grant, Michael Simpson
Publisher: Memoria Press
Trade Paperback, 55 pages
Price: $14.95

A unique geography program designed for students pursuing a classical education, Geography of Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East covers the area that constituted the ancient Roman Empire. Each region is explored in its historical context in “History’s Headlines” as well as in the present in “Tour of Today.” Your student will learn countries and capitals of today and relate them to the ancient lands of the Greeks and Romans, deepening his understanding of both the past and the present.

If you'd like to see the color versions of images that are included in the curriculum, visit these links here:

Geography: Europe Images
Geography: North Africa Images
Geography: Middle East Images

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