Memoria Math Challenge Level C - Teacher Key

by Tara Luse
Publisher: Memoria Press
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 78 pages
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Memoria Press's goal for math in the primary grades is the mastery of basic facts. One of the most effective ways to help students achieve mastery is simply to practice. With daily timed drills, Memoria Math Challenge is designed to give students that math practice and also to help the teacher measure students’ immediate recall. We start with addition, subtraction, and number dictation in kindergarten, and ramp up to 200 daily problems by the end of first grade. If students are able to master their math facts in the primary years, they can devote more time to complex math operations in grammar school and upper school.

Memoria Math Challenge provides students the daily practice and repetition needed to achieve mastery of basic arithmetic skills. Emphasis is placed on speed and accuracy. Level C focuses on addition and subtraction facts up to 18.

The Teacher Key provides complete answer sheets as well as helpful tips for administering and checking the drills.

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