Medieval Tales

Medieval Tales

by Jennifer Westwood, Pauline D. Baynes (Illustrator)
Publisher: Coward McCann
©1967, Item: 91208
Hardcover, 147 pages
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Skillfully varied and drawn from many sources, including Chaucer, the legends of the Round Table, and the French chansons de geste, Medieval Tales will appeal to every taste. Jennifer Westwood has included familiar favorites—Chanticleer the rooster; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the Orpheus legend in medieval dress—and many little known, but equally charming, stories.

This delightful collection of British and French tales combines a sure feeling for the flavor and color of medieval times with a thoroughly modern verve, freshness, and readability.

The handsome black-and-white drawings, like the text, vividly suggest a medieval tapestry without losing their contemporary humor and zest.

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