Measuring Scale for Ability in Spelling

Measuring Scale for Ability in Spelling

by Leonard Porter Ayers
Publisher: Mott Media
Trade Paperback, 48 pages
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"This book will be the basis of spelling in every school system.

That's what they said in 1915 in the "Elementary School Journal." And the prediction came true. This historically significant document has been the basis of spelling for over seventy years. Now, from out of the golden past, this famous Ayres spelling scale returns. With it are actual scores of school children of that time and the actual order of difficulty those phonics-trained children found the words to be.

Does your child spell as well as those children? Now you can find out. Test your child, score, and compare with scores from the phonics-trained children. You can teach spelling from this book too.

Simple to use. The word lists, the norms, the instructions—all are here for you.

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