Meal Jesus Gave Us

Meal Jesus Gave Us

Understanding Holy Communion

by N. T. Wright
Perfectbound, 82 pages
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"Nothing is more central to Christian practice than Holy Communion. Yet, curiously enough, little attempt is made to explain it. So many outside the Christian community are just puzzled by it, and many within the church go to Communion from habit but know very little about how it arose and what it means. This is the ideal book for both types of reader. It is written by one of the foremost New Testament scholars in the world, who has the enviable ability to write with engaging charm."
— Michael Green, from the foreword

In this small, introductory volume perfect for Protestant new member and confirmation classes, acclaimed theologian and writer Tom Wright explains in clear and vivid style the background to the Last Supper, the ways in which Christians have interpreted this event over the centuries, and what it all means for us today.

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