McGuffey's New Second Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's New Second Eclectic Reader

With Instruction for Use With Charlotte Mason Teaching Methods

by William Holmes McGuffey, Janice Campbell (New Content)
Publisher: Everyday Education
Print-on-demand paperback, 163 pages
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McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader begins with a lesson on articulation, with instructions for the teacher, seven exercises, and a model for class drill. This is followed by 71 language arts lessons, based upon character-building stories, essays, and poetry. Each paragraph or stanza is numbered, which makes it very easy to assign portions of a passage or poem as copywork, recitation, or narration.

In this reader, students will find spelling words listed at the beginning of each lesson. Many stories and nonfiction pieces are followed by a few questions. You may choose whether or not to use these or to simply substitute narration or a simple conversation about the story or poem. The second reader, like the others in the series, can be adapted to fit classroom or homeschool needs.

An introduction has been added with instructions for using Charlotte Mason's methods of copywork, recitation, and narration with the readers. Instructions for each of these methods is found in the new 18-page introduction that has been added to this edition. Like Miss Mason, Mr. McGuffey believed in short lessons, learned well, so the readers provide a convenient source for material to use with Miss Mason’s methods.

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