McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading

McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading

Books A-E

by William A. McCall, Lelah Mae Crabbs
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This convenient hardcover book is designed to test the reading comprehension of students from grades 1-12. It contains all five levels (A-E) of the original McCall-Crabbs books first published in 1926 and updated in 1961. Although replaced with a newer, updated version with the same name (but six levels), we believe this older edition, which has been used with success for many years, is the better product.

This is one of the best tools we've ever seen to help a student improve comprehension. Each of the five levels consists of 78 reading selections on a variety of interesting topics, and a student is given three minutes to read a short selection and answer multiple choice questions based on stated facts, implications, or general reasoning. The types of questions include detecting the sequence, getting the main idea, identifying facts, making inferences, and more. Even doing 2-3 of these a week can be very effective.

Each selection is normed for grade level ability (though by today's standards, these can seem aggressive). Students can chart their personal progress. Every lesson has test items easy enough for the poorest readers as well as ones difficult enough to challenge the best readers. This allows the teacher to use the book with a range of ability levels from beginners to post-college.

Reprinted, with permission, by Back Home Industries.

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  Std Test Lessons In Rdg A,b,c,d,e
Marilyn mc donald of Florida, 10/17/2008
I am a reading teacher, retired from the public schools and now tutoring. These short selections lend themselves to be great diagnostic tools. I also have been using them as supplements for over 20 years!