Mathtacular 4 - Student Workbook & Tool Kit

by Shannon Van Roekel
Publisher: Avyx, Inc.
Trade Paperback, 175 pages
Current Retail Price: $19.99
Used Price: $12.50 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

Crisis has hit the MathTacular gang: Amber Waves's precious prize pig has been porknapped!

The dreaded Word Puzzler has captured the poor pet and left a string of word problems behind as clues. Fortunately, Detective Justin Time has experience with this sort of thing.

With logical, simple steps, he and Amber Waves tackle one math puzzle after another. As they progress, the word problems get trickier. But our heroes gain the skills to press on. Will they ever find the pork-napped pig?

This hilarious adventure gives your children the tools to face pesky word problems with confidence.

With this MathTacular4 Student Workbook and Answer Key, your kids can solve each problem along with the video (sold seperately). Extra practice problems solidify each concept they learn.

Finally, with MathTacular4, word problems are fun, practical ... and unbelievably understandable!

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