Mathematics for Electrical Students

Mathematics for Electrical Students

Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Applied Electrical Problems

by Harry M. Keal, Clarence J. Leonard
2nd Edition, ©1938, Item: 87603
Hardcover, 225 pages
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THE purpose of this book is to give to industrial workers and to students not going to college those parts of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry which would be most likely to occur in their technical work and study. The parts of mathematics primarily for students going to college are omitted. The book is planned to present the materials in a manner that will enable the student to master it with a minimum of outside help. This plan has proved successful in continuation and evening school classes.

The book is not intended as an electrical textbook and should not be expected to furnish instruction in electricity. The book is a mathematics book with problems from electricity and radio. It is not the intention of the authors to include all the formulas of the electrical field, but an attempt has been made to cover all the different types of formulas. The mathematics necessary for their solution has been developed. The main purpose of the book is to give not merely a knowledge of mathematics but also to furnish that understanding which will make mathematics usable in electrical studies.

The chapter on geometry is intended to state definitely the geometric facts which most students known in a more or less general way. All the geometry ordinarily needed for trigonometry and its uses is given. The less evident facts are illustrated by figures. The student should study the entire chapter carefully and work the problems as a test of his understanding of the geometrical facts and processes.

The chapter on the slide rule is not a discussion of the theory of the rule but specific directions for its use. Although it is presented as the last chapter in the book it can be taken up at any point in the course.

Tables of formulas, decimal equivalents, logarithms, trigonometric functions and their logarithms are given in the appendix for the convenience of the student.

Should any students, after completing this book, desire to fulfill the college entrance requirements in mathematics, they will find that the knowledge gained from this course will enable them to cover the work in a college entrance course rapidly and efficiently.

The members of the electrical department of Cass Technical High School have given the authors much valuable help in preparing and revising this book.


November, 1937


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