Math-U-See Primer - Student Workbook

Math-U-See Primer - Student Workbook

Introduction to Math

Publisher: Math-U-See
Consumable Workbook
Price: $40.00

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Focus: Have Fun Introducing Math

Prerequisite: The student is beginning to count and quantify.

The Primer level is an introduction to “doing math.” The emphasis of the Primer level is not for the students to demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills but to become familiar with them and ease into formal learning. Students will learn how to write numerals and basic counting. Additionally, students will be introduced to addition and subtraction, skip counting, geometric shapes, and telling time. They will become familiar with the Math-U-See Manipulatives and develop a positive attitude towards learning math.


  1. Number Recognition
  2. Writing Numerals
  3. Number Recognition and Writing Numerals
  4. Geometric Shapes: Rectangles
  5. Number Recognition and Writing Numerals
  6. Geometric Shapes: Circles
  7. Number Recognition and Writing Numerals
  8. Geometric Shapes: Triangles
  9. Place Value: Units and Tens
  10. Place Value: Hundreds
  11. Unit Bars
  12. Addition: Introduction and Symbol
  13. Addition: +1
  14. Counting to 20
  15. Addition: 2 + 2 and 3 + 3; Vertical Addition
  16. Shapes: Squares; Addition: 4 + 4 and 5 + 5
  17. Skip Counting by Two
  18. Addition of Tens
  19. Skip Counting by 10
  20. Addition of Hundreds
  21. Solving for an Unknown
  22. Skip Counting by Five
  23. Tally Marks
  24. Addition: Making 10
  25. Skip Count to Find Area
  26. Telling Time with Minutes
  27. Telling Time with Hours
  28. Telling Time with Minutes and Hours
  29. Subtraction: Introduction and Symbol
  30. Subtraction: –1

Level Overview

Sample Lesson

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