Math-U-See Integer Block Kit - Completer Set (old)

Math-U-See Integer Block Kit - Completer Set (old)

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The Completer Set is an 84-piece set of colorful, base 10, stacking blocks used to teach all aspects of arithmetic. These are also used with the Inserts to illustrate beginning algebra and decimals. When added to the Starter Set, this Completer Set provides students with at least ten of each piece.


  • Lime green ones - 16 pieces
  • Orange twos - 6 pieces
  • Pink threes - 6 pieces
  • Yellow fours - 6 pieces
  • Light blue fives - 10 pieces (for block clock)
  • Lilac sixes - 6 pieces
  • Tan sevens - 6 pieces
  • Brown eights - 6 pieces
  • Light sea-green nines - 6 pieces
  • Dark blue tens - 10 pieces (for block clock)
  • Red 100s - 6 pieces


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