Math Sprints 2

Math Sprints 2

by Tricia Salerno
Publisher: Singapore Math
Trade Paperback, 125 pages
Price: $13.00

The Singapore Math curriculum stresses the use of mental math. These sprint books are written with that in mind and are useful to all elementary teachers interested in developing mental math fluency in their children.

These books were originally written for use in a classroom situation. They are reproduced here as a workbook for use in the home or in a setting with only a few students. Instructions are included in the book on how to give a sprint for one student. You can make adaptations to meet your own child’s needs, but be sure to keep it FUN! You will see that your child is racing to beat his own score each time he takes one of these tests.

Each sprint is differentiated. The A sheet of each half of the sprint is easier than the B sheet. If you look closely at the A and B sheets of each sprint, the answers to the problems are the same. Many of the problems on the B sheets, however, require more mental calculation. If you have a child of average mental math abilities, you can give the A sheets first and the B sheets next, or later in the year, or not at all for that student. If you have a child that is strong in mental math abilities, you could give only the B sheet.

You may want to buy a sprint book at a grade below the level you teach so that your child gets used to taking sprints and feels very successful with them. Particularly if your child’s mental math fluency is not where it should be, you can help her build it gradually by starting at a lower grade level.

If you are teaching more than one child, you may want to buy sprint books for each of their levels and administer the sprints to all of your children at the same time. You will have to read the answers separately for each child, though.

It is important to let your child know that this is simply a competition against himself to improve mental math skills and it is for fun. It is NOT for a grade.

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