Master's Class High School Chemistry - Student Text

Master's Class High School Chemistry - Student Text

The Study of Matter from a Christian Worldview

by Dr. Dennis Englin
Publisher: Master Books
Softcover Textbook, 326 pages
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Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter. It is through an understanding of chemistry that the products that have benefited society were discovered, and technologies to sustain the environment were put in place. Knowledge of how matter changes will give us an insight into the origin of life, so we can realize that life could only have been formed by a supernatural act of creation, not by a process of change over time.

  • High school science course with lab curriculum
  • Lab experiments are included with guidance on where to order the lab equipment and supplies needed for the course
  • Based on the principle that those who can understand and apply information do much better than those who simply memorize material

This course has been taught by Dr. Englin for several years, with students going on to medical and graduate school. He wanted to develop a series of courses that would give students the tools to help them succeed in higher education. The comprehensive material has God the Creator as its foundation.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Metric Measurements in Chemistry
  • 3. Chemical Solutions — Percent Concentrations
  • 4. Chemical Solution — Molarity
  • 5. Molecular Mass and Atomic Theory
  • 6. Preparing Molar Solutions
  • 7. Chemical Reactions
  • 8. Chemical Equations I
  • 9. Chemical Equations II
  • 10. Moles From Chemical Equations
  • 11. Finding The Grams of Reactant and Product
  • 12. Electron Configurations
  • 13. Electron Configurations Continued
  • 14. Periodic Table of the Elements
  • 15. The Groups of the Periodic Table of the Elements
  • 16. Ionic Bonds
  • 17. Covalent Bonds
  • 18. Metal Atoms
  • 19. Batteries
  • 20. Acid and Bases I
  • 21. Acid and Bases II
  • 22. Weak Acids and Bases
  • 23. Buffers
  • 24. Chemistry Of Carbon
  • 25. Organic Chemistry
  • 26. Biochemistry
  • 27. Rates of Chemical Reactions
  • 28. Environmental Chemistry
  • Appendix 1 - Laboratory Procedures
  • Appendix 2 - Christian Chemists
  • Glossary and Index
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