Mastering Punctuation Book 2 Set

Mastering Punctuation Book 2 Set

A Proven Method That Makes Using the Right Punctuation Marks Easy

Publisher: Basic Skills
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Mastering Punctuation Book 2 builds on the punctuation and capitalization rules that were introduced in the first book of this series. Suitable for students in grades four to six, students in junior and senior high will also benefit by a review of the rules that govern written expression. It utilizes an instructional method that has proven effective in a variety of subjects and lesson-plan formats. This method begins with massing (focusing) practice on a new concept when it is first introduced. The method continues by distributing (spacing) the practice of the concept throughout future lessons. Additional concepts are added incrementally and meaningful learning is promoted.

In Mastering Punctuation Book 2, concepts are introduced, practiced, and revisited in a variety of short daily drills that are quickly completed. It is designed to be completed in 13-15 weeks. Review sections are spaced throughout the text to help you determine how well your children are remembering what has been presented. Practical writing assignments progressively take your student's understanding to the next level: application. This goal, the consistent application of punctuation rules in everyday writing, is really what we are after. The end result is writing that is clearly expressed and understandable to the reader.

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