Mastering Essential Math Skills - Book One

Mastering Essential Math Skills - Book One

20 Minutes a Day to Success

by Richard W. Fisher (Author)
Publisher: Math Essentials
Expanded, ©2014, ISBN: 9780966621136
Consumable Workbook, 160 pages
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Used by hundreds of thousands of students each year.

Perfect Math For Students Who Are Math Challenged.

Includes award-winning online video tutorials. One for each lesson in the Book.

Lessons are presented in a format that everyone can understand.

Each Lesson flows smoothly and logically to the next.

Each lesson is short, concise, and to the point

Lots of examples with step-by -step solutions.

Each lesson includes valuable Helpful Hints.

Review is built into each lesson. Students will retain what they have learned.

Each lesson includes Problem Solving. This ensures that students will learn to apply their knowledge to real-life-situations.

Includes solutions for each lesson.

Ten Chapters

Whole Numbers



Ratios, Proportions, Percents


Number theory & Algebra


Charts & Graphs

Probability & Statistics

Word problems

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