Mary Ray

Born on March 14, 1932, in England to a teacher and his wife, Ray enjoyed learning  about the ancient history of Greece, Rome, and Britain.  While working at a variety of jobs and gaining a wealth of education, Ray also traveled widely.  This travel enabled her to give extra life through realistic details to her books.  An author of fourteen books and three plays, Ray's writing style often seemed stilted and formal.  Thus, she often appealed more to adults than her intended young audience.  However, her series about the Roman Empire will live on as significant in the historical fiction genre.  Living with her cat Phoebe in Canterbury, England, Ray is currently working on science fiction for adults.   


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Beyond the Desert Gate
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by Mary Ray
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Ides of April
Bethlehem Books Young Adult Bookshelf
by Mary Ray
from Bethlehem Books
for 8th-10th grade
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