Mary Poppins Opens the Door

Mary Poppins Opens the Door

Mary Poppins Series #3
by P. L. Travers
Publisher: Harcourt
Trade Paperback, 255 pages
List Price: $7.99 Sale Price: $6.79

With a boom and a burst of fireworks, Mary Poppins returns, falling from the sky like a shooting star. She arrives not a moment too late: The Banks home is a complete shambles—five wild children without a nanny are five children too many!

But Mary Poppins swiftly takes the Banks children in hand, and along with her squawking parrot-headed umbrella, they set off on a new round of marvelous adventures. A visit to Mr. Twigley's music box-filled attic, an encounter with the Marble Boy, a ride on Miss Calico's enchanted candy canes—all of this and more are just part of a typical day out when the world's most beloved nanny is in charge.

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Summary: Pure magic awaits the Banks children when Mary Poppins shows up for the third time to take matters in hand.

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