Mary Poppins Comes Back

Mary Poppins Comes Back

by P. L. Travers, Mary Shepard (Illustrator)
©1952, Item: 79881
Hardcover, 235 pages
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From the beginning Mary Poppins was a Great Exception. She has now definitely become a National Institution.

When she left the Banks family in that highly unconventional but characteristic manner, sailing over the housetops in the wake of her umbrella, it was well understood that she would come back one fine day.

And sure enough, here she is, ready to take the Banks children through a new series of adventures, more completely captivating than before.

In these delectable pages you learn—or do you?—the secret of her return. You meet the King of the Castle and the Dirty Rascal in what, we confidently predict, will become established as one of the outstanding classic fantasies of all time. And there's Mr. Turvy's Second Monday and Jane's Bad Wednesday, and many expeditions into Mary Poppins' own special fairyland. Turn to Chapter I and start such an adventure as you will find nowhere outside of Cherry-Tree Lane. Or simply look at a few of Mary Shepard's irresistible drawings. Like Miss Travers, she has a magic pen.

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