Marx's Religion of Revolution

Marx's Religion of Revolution

Regeneration Through Chaos

by Gary North
Trade Paperback, 280 pages
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This study examines the major facts of Marx and early Marxism: biography, religion, philosophy, and economics, first published in 1968, it has been updated with a lengthy Preface and a concluding chapter, plus an astounding appendix. "The Myth of Marx's Poverty," which proves that in the years when he wrote Das Kapital, Karl Marx was a rich man. It was not poverty that brought Marx to Marxism; it was his all consuming hatred.

North shows that it was hatred of humanity that led Marx to revive the ancient pagan belief in social regeneration through systematic chaos, and then to provide it with new clothes and respectability through pseudo-economics. North's study has been regarded for years as the most penetrating Christian analysis of Marx ever written, and this new edition is even more devastating than the first.

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