Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald

Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald

Alvin #1
by Clifford B. Hicks, Charles Geer (Illustrator)
Publisher: Purple House Press
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
Price: $7.99

Since 1960, both boys and girls have enjoyed reading about Alvin Fernald and his Magnificent Brain. Whenever it kicks into action and a glassy stare comes into his eyes, it’s time to watch out! Because Alvin is thinking up another marvelous invention.

Maybe it’s the Foolproof Burglar Alarm for his bedroom door, or a Sure Shot Paper Slinger for delivering newspapers from his bike. Or a Portable Fire Escape, very handy when it comes time to crawl out the window for a secret meeting with his best pal, Shoie. No doubt about it, as his sister the Pest says, “Alvin is a genius!”

With his best friend Wilfred Shoemaker (Shoie for short) and the Pest, who always tags along, there is never a dull moment as Alvin unfolds the most brilliant plan of his career to solve the mystery surrounding the old Huntley place.

Book 1 of 4 in the Alvin Fernald series.

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