Martin Rattler

Martin Rattler

Adventures of a Boy in the Forests of Brazil

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 259 pages
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Historical Setting: South America; Brazil

Martin Rattler is the story of a mischievous young boy with a good heart. By mistake, he winds up on the ship Firefly with his friend Barney O'Flannagan, headed to the South Seas. Escaping pirates and surviving a shipwreck, the two explore South America in one frolicking adventure after another.

A thoroughly delightful read, you will follow the young adventurers as they canoe down the Amazon, narrowly escape an alligator, eat an anaconda and turtle's eggs, are captured by Indians, and then are separated. Martin escapes by jumping over a cliff and tries to make his way home. He meets some men who take him to a diamond mine where he gets a job working under a man named Baron Fagoni. But what happened to his friend Barney O'Flannagan?

Follow Martin on his trek across South America, finally returning home to England with plenty of money from the diamonds to take care of his needy family.

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