Whose Dream?

Resources for Changing Lives
by Paul David Tripp
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Saddle-stitched, 17 pages
List Price: $3.99 Sale Price: $2.79

The ultimate spouse; the dream marriage: where do they fall on your wish list? If your marriage seems less than ideal, is your patience with God wearing thin?

It's possible to get caught up in our own dreams and expect God to deliver on our terms. But what if God's dream for your marriage differs from yours? What if His plan is to sanctify you through the struggles of a challenging relationship? If your dream for the ideal marriage were to crumble, would your hope and joy crumble with it?

They don't have to. In this little eye-opening booklet, the author shows how refocusing your dreams on God-centered priorities can invigorate both you and your marriage.

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