Marriage to a Difficult Man

Marriage to a Difficult Man

The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards

by Elisabeth D. Dodds, John Piper (Foreword), 2 othersNoël Piper (Foreword), Dwight Edwards (Epilogue)
Publisher: Audobon Press
Trade Paperback, 241 pages
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Historical Setting: Great Awakening, 18th Century

When one lives in a cynical world that has forgotten the beauty and power of a truly purposeful Christian marriage, it is crucial to step back in time and walk with generations of Christians for whom such a truth was not merely an ideal to be pursued, but a living reality. From page one to the end, Marriage to a Difficult Man, grips the reader and refreshes the soul by allowing him to intimately peer into one of the greatest recorded unions of a man and woman.

Perhaps no other couple in American history has produced so many generations of illustrious leaders as did Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. Their direct descendants included thirteen college presidents, sixty-five professors, one-hundred lawyers, a law school dean, a medical school dean, thirty judges, sixty-six physicians, eighty holders of public office, three United States senators, three state governors, a vice-president of the United States, and scores of ministers and missionaries.

One is impressed by the blessings of multi-generational faithfulness the Lord showered upon the Edwards family, but it is the spiritual oneness of the marriage of this extraordinary couple which leaves the reader numb with the happy realization that God has placed within even the most fallible and simple of couples the potential for genuine marital bliss. The re-release of this classic volume on the three-hundredth anniversary of Jonathan Edwards' birth includes a brilliantly insightful essay by John and Noël Piper, an important biographical introduction by John Hannah, numerous appendices of important Edwardsian manuscripts, and an epilogue by Dwight Edwards (one of Edwards' living descendents). This is Vision Forum's pick for best biography of the year.

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