Marriage as Manifest Glory Volume 6 - CD

Marriage as Manifest Glory Volume 6 - CD

Sexual Love and Respect

Canon Press Audio Series
by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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Most discussions of marriage don't go deep enough. They suggest mere ideas or invoke insights of modern psychology. But for Christians, marriage should express the heart of Christian reality, the mystery of the Trinity and Incarnation. This all-encompassing series, by pastor Douglas Wilson, explains this profound connection in specific concrete ways too often missed in modern discussions. These very practical sermons show us how to manifest the glory of our profound God within the often complicated and distorted relationships of husbands and wives.

Sermon titles:

  • Love, Sacrifice and Authority
  • Respect, Submission and Authority
  • Sexual Faithfulness: Companionship
  • Sexual Faithfulness: Children
  • Sexual Faithfulness: Protection from Sin
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