Mariel of Redwall

Mariel of Redwall

Redwall #4
by Brian Jacques
Publisher: Firebird Press
Trade Paperback, 370 pages
Price: $10.99

Gabool the Wild is the most feared rat ever to sail the high seas. As the pirate king he rules with a quick temper and a swifter sword, terrorizing all who cross his path. Joseph the Bellmaker and his daughter, the mousemaid Mariel, are his latest victims. When their ship is attacked by the sea rats, Gabool takes Joseph's marvelous bell among the booty, and casts him and his daughter overboard. Washeed ashore, and suffering from memory loss, Mariel finds a home at Redwall Abbey. And when she recalls what happened to her and her father, she sets off with three Mossflower companions to confront Gabool—and make him pay for his crimes . . .

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Exodus Rating
Flaws Animal warfare
Summary: Shipwrecked and amnesia-stricken Mariel winds up at Redwall just in time to battle the pirate Gabool who is responsible for her hardship.

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