MapTrek - Outlines

MapTrek - Outlines

by Terri Johnson
Publisher: Master Books
List Price: $39.99 Sale Price: $31.99

Includes over 200 blank outline maps of history!

History is often seen as merely endless volumes of written text, and yet history always happens in a particular place and time. In that way it can also be demonstrated visually across geographical lines.

This unique Map Trek Outlines book includes the blank map pages that correspond directly to the historical maps in the Map Trek Atlas. These books now assist you in teaching geography alongside history. The blank outline maps in this book cover four distinct global eras of time:

  • Maps from the Ancient World
  • Maps from the Medieval World
  • Maps from the New World
  • Maps from the Modern World

Maps don’t have to feel boring. Experiment on these blank maps with colored markers, pencils, paint, and more!

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