Maps/Charts/Graphs Level F

Maps/Charts/Graphs Level F

Eastern Hemisphere

by Dale Foreman, Sally Allen
Staplebound, 77 pages
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Each MCP Maps/Charts/Graphs worktext is full color and self-contained (answers are in the back), assignments are easy to follow, and a good balance of review and new material ensures kids thoroughly grasp the art of map-reading.

There are 21-42 two-page lessons per consumable text. In the early books kids learn the purpose and basic nature of maps, using maps of neighborhoods and communitites to understand cardinal direction, distance comparison, keys and legends, etc. Pictographs and bar graphs are also covered, so that in later books students are able to analyze more intricate maps and charts. By Book H they can read topographical, climatological and detailed road maps.

This isn't a full-scale geography curriculum, but it is an excellent introduction before diving into one.

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