Many Waters

Many Waters

Wrinkle in Time Series #4
by Madeleine L'Engle
Mass market paperback, 357 pages
List Price: $7.99 Sale Price: $6.79

A touch of the computer keys, a blast of heat, and suddenly the Murry twins, Sandy and Dennys, are gasping in a shimmering desert. If only the brothers had normal parents, not a scientist mother and a father who experiments with travel in space and time. If only the twins had noticed the note on the door of their mother's lab: EXPERIMENT IN PROGRESS. PLEASE KEEP OUT.

But it's too late for regrets. There's a strange—and very small—person approaching, with a miniature mammoth in tow. At last it's Sandy and Dennys's turn for an adventure—an adventure that becomes serious when they discover that "many waters" are coming to flood the desert. The twins must find a way back home soon or they will drown. But how will they get back to their own time? Can they?

PLEASE READ: Of the L'Engle novels we carry, this is the only one that we feel deserves a strong cautionary note. There is some description of nudity and child labor that may be shocking to readers, especially younger ones (thus our older grade recommendation). —Eli

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