Manual of Christian Doctrine

Manual of Christian Doctrine

by Louis Berkhof, Derek Carlsen (Editor), 2 othersMichael McHugh (Editor), Edward Shewan (Editor)
2nd Edition, ©2003, Publisher Catalog #CLP10090
Perfectbound, 168 pages
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More than ever, young people need to be thoroughly grounded in the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. Cults and false teachings are currently threatening to capture the minds and hearts of the spiritually naïve. Mindful of this, Louis Berkhof wrote this comprehensive yet concise introduction to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith in 1933.

Since then, the Manual of Christian Doctrine has been a trusted and effective tool for parents, church leaders, and educators who are serious about training teens and young adults in "Thus saith the Lord." Basing this work on his own full-scale Systematic Theology, Berkhof summarizes the body of church doctrine, beginning with the doctrines of Scripture and God and proceeding through statements on anthropology, Christology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology—big words important for all Christians to understand!

Christian Liberty has now updated the book for modern readers. The features of the second edition include a vastly improved layout with nicer font and illustrations; helpful footnotes; short relevant paragraphs from other books and confessional materials; as well as the entire Heidelberg Confession. The only things removed from the original book were references for further study and the index.

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