Man Who Changed China

Man Who Changed China

The Story of Sun Yat-sen

World Landmark #9
by Pearl S. Buck, Fred Castellon
Publisher: Random House
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Time for a change!

When Sun Yat-sen was born in 1866, China was ruled by a government set up by bold and ignorant men from the neighboring country of Manchuria. Taxes were so high that people could not pay them. Three wars with England had been lost. A recent rebellion had left many dead and whole areas burned or destroyed. Yes, it was time for a change!

And the man chiefly responsible for that change was Sun Yat-sen, who had the vision of a united China where the people would rule themselves. From the time he finished college, Sun Yat-sen devoted his life to this dream for China. Money had to be raised, wavering citizens had to be persuaded, hot-headed ones had to be held down until plans were ready, women and children had to be cared for in the midst of fighting. And all along, the traitors had to be watched lest they steal the rights of the people from under their very noses.

This story of Sun Yat-sen's crusade to establish the people's Republic of China (long before the Communists destroyed everything!) is a thrilling one as it is told by Pearl Buck, distinguished winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and eminent authority on China and the Chinese.

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