Man of the Family

Man of the Family

Little Britches Series #2
by Ralph Moody
Trade Paperback, 272 pages
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Fortified with Yankee ingenuity and western can-do energy, the Moody family, transplanted from New England, builds a new life on a Colorado ranch early in the twentieth century. Father has died and Little Britches shoulders the responsibilities of a man at age eleven. Man of the Family continues true pioneering adventures as unforgettable as those in Little Britches and The Fields of Home, also available as Bison Books.

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FLAWS: Violence, mild language
Summary: With his father dead, eleven-year-old Ralph must assume responsibility of the family on their Colorado ranch.

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  Ralph Is the Man of the Family Now
Caleb of Newberg, 8/6/2016
Ralph Moody's father has died, leaving him the man of the family. Ralph and all of his siblings try to do their part to support the household. I found this book to be the saddest of all of the Little Britches series. The storyline is not what you would expect, though it is well worth the read.