Makers of the Red Revolution

Makers of the Red Revolution

by Olivia Coolidge
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
©1963, Item: 91158
Hardcover, 240 pages
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Almost daily we speak of communism, feel its threat, fear its spread. Yet in spite of its importance in the world today we know almost nothing of the pressures that brought it about, the men who shaped it into present dimensions, the factors that keep it alive.

With the strong conviction that ignorance serves no one and that young people in particular need to understand their world, Olivia Coolidge has written this book. She has dealt with the Red Revolution historically, brilliantly portraying personalities and cogently presenting ideas. She begins with Karl Marx, the Red Prophet, and dramatically tells his story—capturing the man, the times, the philosophy. She moves on to the Red Revolutionists, Lenin and Trotsky—the stormy days of unrest, violence—and on to Stalin, Tito, Khrushchev and Mao, bringing into focus the present vital forces and conflicts that dominate the Communist world.

No one but an author of Olivia Coolidge's stature and talent could have so effectively presented the vast amounts on information contained in this book. She writes vividly, dramatically, and with such clarity that the issues and personalities sprint to life. Surely no one, of any age, can finish the reading without an infinitely greater understanding of the nature of Communism, its method and its goals.

We believe Makers of the Red Revolution to be a vitally important book.

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"With the strong conviction that ignorance serves no one, and that young people in particular need to understand their world," the author presents these historical accounts and brief biographies of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin,Tito, Krushchev, and Mao.


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