Magnificent Mammals

Magnificent Mammals

Marvels of Creation
by Buddy Davis, Kay Davis
Publisher: Master Books
Hardcover, 80 pages
Price: $12.99

Did you know?

  • A camel can go without water 10 times longer than a human.
  • A cheetah can run up to 70 miles an hour.
  • 25,000 sharp-pointed quills cover the porcupine.
  • It's two feet long and weighs 132 pounds—the heart of a giraffe.

What an incredible design these animals have! The Master Creator made such wonderful and beautiful animals for our enjoyment!

Children and adults both will delight in this illustrated guide to animals of the world. Filled with spectacular photographs and "creature classifications"—it is great for any home or school library.

This book offers a detailed description of 30 animals, focusing on habitat, eating habits, and design features. There are also study questions at the end, to test knowledge. Accompanying photographs give the reader a complete perspective.

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