Magic Fan

Magic Fan

by Keith Baker
Publisher: Sandpiper Books
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $8.00

Yoshi loves to build things. Wagons, fences, houses, stairs—Yoshi invents and builds them all. The villagers love what he can do for them but eventually he runs out of ideas. He wants to build things never built before, things that will reach beyond his village—he just can’t think of what.

One night while reflecting on these things as he sits by the sea, Yoshi finds a fan floating in the water. Opening the fan, he finds a picture of a boat. A boat can sail across the sea to lands beyond the village! Yoshi quickly builds one, and lets it loose on the sea. Every time he opens the fan, a new picture appears and Yoshi soon relies on it for inspiration.

After the boat, he builds a kite, letting it loose again. The villagers don't understand this but indulge him, knowing how useful Yoshi is. But when he builds a bridge that blocks the sunlight for their village, they start complaining, and he begins to question his inspiration.

When a tsunami comes, destroying Yoshi’s village and washing the fan away, Yoshi has to rely on his own imagination to rebuild the town.

This book features Japanese-styled art and unique fan-shaped spreads throughout.

Review by Hadley Payne (née Ayers)
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Summary: Exquisite Japanese-styled illustrations accompany this book about Yoshi, a man who loves to build things.

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