Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 - Set

Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 - Set

The Human Body

by Doug Eldon, Dorry Eldon, 2 othersEric Altendorf (Illustrator), Bobby Horton (Performer)
Publisher: Lyrical Learning
Mixed Media, 92 pages
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Enjoy good-time learning with scientific lyrics set to fun, toe-tapping historical tunes! These award-winning CD/text/workbook sets are rigorous, systematic—and humorous! Sing along with everything from fiddles to Irish pipes to brass bands. Produced in a variety of traditional styles by one-man-band Bobby Horton.

Texts include foundational concepts and vocabulary, in-depth explanations of lyrics, line drawings, and sheet music with guitar chords for your own science sing-alongs. Workbooks are reproducible.

Your body doesn't seem so complicated when you sing about it system by system—all 11 of them.


  1. Introduction to the Human Body (Acoustic) to the tune of "The Rebel Soldier"

  2. The Skeletal System (Light Opera) to the tune of "Tarantella"

  3. The Muscular System (New Orleans Blues) to the tune of "Erie Canal"

  4. The Nervous System (Old Time) to the tune of "Old Joe Clark"

  5. The Sensory System (Acoustic swing) to the tune of "Caissons go Rolling Along"

  6. The Reproductive System (Irish Waltz) to the tune of "Star of the County Down"

  7. The Digestive System (Swing) to the tune of "The Coffee in the Army"

  8. The Excretory System (Martial/folk) to the tune of "Goober Peas"

  9. The Circulatory System (Western Swing) to the tune of "Red River Valley"

  10. The Immune and Lymph Systems (Mariachi) to the tune of "La Cucaracha"

  11. The Respiratory System (1890's Circus) to the tune of "The Man on the Flying Trapeze"

  12. The Endocrine System (Folk) to the tune of "Fox went out on a Chilly Night"

  13. "Ologies" (the study of) (Caribbean) to the tune of "Jamaica Farewell"
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