Lucky Porcupine

Lucky Porcupine

by Miriam Schlein, Martha Weston (Illustrator)
Publisher: Four Winds Press
Hardcover, 42 pages
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Wood walkers who wonder where the porcupines are hiding, campers who wonder why their canoe paddles have been gnawed upon, and those who would like to know how the mysterious quills really work will find the answers here.

Miriam Schlein presents information about porcupine life in anecdotal scenes closely related to a reader's experiences. With her eye for the telling details, this noted science writer explains how a North American porcupine maneuvers in the wilderness, how she climbs, where she lives, what she eats, and who her enemies are. A concluding section introduces porcupines from around the world and reveals the humorous yet scientific Latin name for this animal.

Drawings by Martha Weston create a lush, natural world, inviting us to imagine ourselves in the woods, walking near porcupine dens and hiding spots.

– From the dust jacket

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