Loving Well

Loving Well

(Even If You Haven't Been)

by William P. Smith
Publisher: New Growth Press
Trade Paperback, 304 pages
List Price: $15.99 Our Price: $13.50

Distance. Resentment. Avoidance. You want to love your family, your neighbors, and your coworkers well. But something goes wrong when you reach out to them, and you find yourself tearing down the relationships you wanted to build. Are you doomed to repeat this cycle forever?

For most of us, certain unhealthy reactions feel natural and even inevitable. Unconsciously, we cling to what 1 Peter 1:18 calls the “empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers.”

But you are not doomed to repeat this cycle since Jesus came to redeem his people from such things. The destructive relationship patterns you learned before you met Christ no longer need to control how you live and interact with others. He is an expert at loving his people with a proven track record extending back for thousands of years. As you experience more of how he loves you right now, you will learn to exchange the empty ways for new ones that promote deep unity and peacefulness—patterns that create satisfying and God-honoring relationships.

A rich, practical relationship with Jesus enables you to develop rich, practical relationships with others in spite of your brokenness and theirs. Through Christ, you no longer have to do what you have always done. In short, you can learn to love well.

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