Love Divine and Unfailing

Love Divine and Unfailing

The Gospel According to Hosea

The Gospel According to the Old Testament
by Michael Barrett
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Trade Paperback, 200 pages
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After establishing the historical and theological backdrop for Hosea, the book focuses on the connection between Hosea's marriage to Gomer and the Lord's marriage to his people. Though many were deaf to Hosea's preaching, even the dullest could see his grief, sympathize with his sorrow, and wonder at his persistent love. Hosea's marriage was a living sermon: What Hosea did for Gomer, God did for Israel; What Gomer did to Hosea, Israel did to God.

"A clear, honest, panoramic treatment of the book of Hosea, poignantly showing how Hosea's and Gomer's treatment of each other reflected God's and Israel's treatment of each other. Dr. Barrett excels in unfolding his views logically on solid exegetical, hermeneutical, and theological grounds. The book is compelling in its Christ-centeredness and is a masterpiece in expounding God's loving and gracious covenant in its internal and external dimensions. Love Divine is also true to the personal experience of covenantal grace in the lives of believers. All of this makes it a sheer delight to read. Every pastor should study Love Divine before preaching from the book of Hosea, and every Christian will find it enlightening and God-glorifying.
Joel R. Beeke

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