Lost World

Lost World

Puffin Classics
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Puffin Books
Mass market paperback, 280 pages
List Price: $4.99 Sale Price: $4.24

By the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, here is the first science fiction novel of Doyle's lesser known hero—Challenger.

Journalist Ed Malone asks for a mission with "adventure and danger in it." But interviewing touchy Professor Challenger, Ed gets more than he bargained for. Challenger leads him to a hidden plateau in the South American jungle—a world of carnivorous dinosaurs, giant fish-lizards and murderous ape-men.

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Exodus Rating
FLAWS: Fighting/violence
Summary: Dr. Challenger finds a plateau deep in South America where dinosaurs still live in this pre-Jurassic Park adventure.

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  Lost in Time?
A Upton of San Antonio, 8/11/2016
This book is very interesting and I really like this author. That said I would also like to say that although I enjoy it this book is stuffed full of Evolution. I will give a brief outline to show what I mean, the whole storyline is about Professor Chalenger proving to a group of skeptics that he had in reality found a land lost in time were Dinosaurs lived and ruled in the in the heart of the Amazon. When they finally arrive they fight dinosaurs and then "apemen" and "missing link". The apemen are barbaric and love to inflict pain on the missing links because they are smaller and weaker but they are smarter and more "evolved"the "missing links" are described as indians of small stature. In the end the expedition brings back as proof a living pterosaur. This book is somewhat violent and the main character has a crush on this young women who in the end is just selfish and not worth the time he put into trying to get her marry him.