Lost Tools of Writing Handbook of Types

Lost Tools of Writing Handbook of Types

by Buck Holler, Emily Dunnan (Editor), David Kern (Layout)
Publisher: Circe Institute
Spiralbound, 177 pages
Price: $19.00

Enrich your teaching. Empower your students.

Offering dozens of additional examples of the content taught in The Lost Tools of Writing Level I, this handbook enables deeper understanding and richer contemplation of the three canons of classical rhetoric. Whether you are looking to enrich your own teaching or to empower your students, this book will help you take The Lost Tools of Writing to the next level in your classroom or homeschool.

Using three different stories, the Handbook of Types provides:

  • Three types for every invention worksheet
  • Three types for every arrangement worksheet
  • Three student examples of every outline
  • Examples from the stories for every scheme and trope
  • Three examples for every elocution worksheet
  • Three examples for every essay
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