Lost Prince

Lost Prince

by Peggy Downing
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Sequel to Brill of Exitorn

"I need air," Segra gasped. She breathed in the rain-washed air and felt better, but she had to grab the handle of a storage chest to keep from sliding across the slippery deck.

The captain shouted at her above the noise of the howling winds. "Get below before you get tossed overboard!"

Segra almost fell as she lurched across the wet unsteady deck toward the ladder. Down in the hold, she found Brill munching on a piece of dry bread.

Segra longs to find her parents, who have been missing since Exitorn's revolution against Emperor Immane. Brill has promised to help her, but he also wants to search for the lost prince of Exitorn. As they journey across Exitorn and beyond its borders, they encounter robbers, shipwreck, and a greedy king. But thanks to Segra, a beautiful meladora bird named Stargull comes to their aid.

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