Lost Gip

Lost Gip

Golden Inheritance Series #7
by Hesba Stretton
Trade Paperback, 121 pages
Price: $8.95

"Sandy will be a good boy, I know, for he loves to hear me tell him of Jesus Christ, and he's beginning to understand it all better now. Mother," and Johnny put his arm fondly around her neck, "I want you to let Sandy have my Sunday clothes, and let me see him go to chapel with Father. I could watch them go across the graveyard together, if you'd only raise me up in your arms for a minute.

"It's as if Sandy was my own brother, and little Gip my sister. I think of them so when I lie awake of nights. I feel as if I almost know how Jesus longs to find those who are lost, and have them with Him in heaven. I found Sandy, and now it seems as if he belonged to me, and must share all I have. If we could only find little Gip before I die!"

Little Gipsy is Sandy's adored baby sister. Left to themselves, Sandy and Gip become inseparable, until the day little Gip is lost. Sandy's searches all over London are fruitless. He meets lame Johnny Shafto, who befriends him, gives him a home, and helps him search for his sister. Will they ever find lost Gip?

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