Lonely Island

Lonely Island

The Refuge of the Mutineers

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 396 pages
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In this story, the follow-up look at what happened with the escaped mutineers of the famous ship the H.M.S. Bounty. It begins with a recounting of the famous mutiny and the casting adrift of Captain Bligh instigated by Fletcher Christian and his comrades due to severe treatment of the men by the infamous Captain. After a brief stay on the island of Otaheite the "mutineers" finally resolve to find an uninhabited remote island to spend the rest of their days hopefully without being found, enjoying peace and quiet.

This being decided, the men and their Otaheitian wives, along with six native men, left in search of an island to colonize. For more than 20 years they remained on the island and were not heard of. The choice for their settlement was Pitcairn's Island, far off the beaten sailing routes of ships at sea.

In this intriguing story, learn about what befell these men, their settlement, the consequences of their actions, and how men without a reliance and faith in Jesus Christ, left to their own devises, will not experience peace and success. But, when the powerful work of God begins, change is remarkable: a 20-year redemption story in the making.

"So the good seed sown under such peculiar circumstances at the beginning of the century continues to grow and spread and flourish, bringing forth fruit to the glory of God. Thus He causes light to spring out of darkness, good to arise out of evil, and The Lonely Island, once an almost unknown rock in the Pacific Ocean, was made a center of blessed Christian influence soon after the time when it became—the refuge of the mutineers." — R. M. Ballantyne

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