Logos Science Lab Kit: BJU Biology

Publisher: Logos Science
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Price: $239.99

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Used in conjunction with the BJU Press Biology Lab Manual, The Logos Science Biology Addendum and Lab Kit contains information, equipment, and supplies your student needs to fully experience the world of biology. Logos has adapted the Biology Addendum and Laboratory Kit with the BJU Press Biology Lab Manual to: 1) eliminate the need for high cost equipment, 2) maximize safety in a non-laboratory setting, 3) maximize the advantages of non-traditional learning situations (e.g. home school and small class settings), and to 4) encourage each student’s adoration of our Creator by observing His creation up close.


This is a list of equipment that is included in the kit.

Equipment and Supplies:

  • balloon
  • beakers
  • cellophane
  • cork
  • cotton swabs
  • cups
  • dialysis tubing
  • dissection kit, mat, and tray
  • feather
  • gelatin packet
  • gloves, vinyl
  • goggles
  • graduated cylinder and syringe
  • lens paper
  • magnifying glass
  • marker, permanent
  • pipets
  • ruler
  • slides and cover slips
  • sponge, natural
  • stir rods
  • sugar cube
  • test tube
  • toothpicks
  • tuning fork
  • yeast packet
  • Zombie cards


  • antibiotic discs
  • iodine stain
  • litmus paper
  • methylene blue
  • pH paper

Prepared Slides:

  • dicot/monocot stem
  • euglena
  • horse ascaris
  • muscle, 3 types
  • onion root tip
  • paramecium


  • crayfish
  • earthworm
  • fish (perch)
  • grasshopper
  • rat

Graphics and Visuals:

  • digital media supplement
  • Lab 9 activity packet
  • Snellen eye chart



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