Logic in 100 Minutes - DVD

Logic in 100 Minutes - DVD

by Hans Bluedorn, Nathaniel Bluedorn
Publisher: Christian Logic
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In this two-part DVD, Hans and Nathaniel Bluedorn teach the basics of identifying logical fallacies, while at the same time making logic accessible, fun and memorable for the student. Each part is fifty minutes long, and address the basics of clear thinking.

Part One is titled Learning to Think Logically. Hans and Nathaniel demonstrate how to spot propaganda and fallacies on TV and the Internet. They introduce ways parents and students can combat the illogic around them,explain common errors in reasoning, and recommend books for learning more about logic.

Part Two is titled Using Your Thinking Toolbox. Hans and Nathaniel show how to look at both sides of a controversial topic in order to decide which is right. Topics include how to spot a scientific hoax, opposing viewpoints in history, and tools for scientific thinking.

Our Honest Opinion:

While the content is solid in this DVD, the presentation is not that great. It's basically a video of a workshop seminar; the speakers are not always articulate; the filming cuts off many of the presentation slides, including ALL of the comics referenced in the talk. This is most likely due to copyright issues, but it definitely affects the quality of the seminar. Checking out reviews on both Amazon and CBD, we find it gets an average of a little over two stars. The Bluedorn's books are excellent, and we suggest just using those instead.

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  Terrible Production & Presentation
Lauren of Vancouver, WA, 3/5/2015
I have not used the author's books, so I can't comment on their teaching overall, but I am extremely disappointed in this CD, which I paid $15 for.

This DVD is basically a video of a seminar they did for an audience. That, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. However, the frame of the video includes that backs of people's heads, and cuts OFF the Powerpoint display on the wall they are teaching from! You can't actually see most of the presentation slides! To their credit, they did add slides into the video that reflected many of their talking points, but a great deal of the examples they used were comic strips, all of which were not displayed. I'm sure this is due to copyright issues, but just hearing the examples is not enough. They read them quickly (and I'll get to their delivery as presenters in a moment) and it's so fast or mumbled that you miss it half the time.

These authors are NOT presenters. This video is a classic example of why some authors should just pay money and hire professionals. If that seems harsh, sorry. But they mumble, talk too low, too slowly or at other times, rush words together, leaving you saying, "huh?". It's extremely frustrating to follow what they are saying in places.

The content is good... it's logic with good examples. But the presentation and the production value are so amateurish, that it really gets in the way of being an engaging talk. Especially given the target audience. Sorry, but I feel I wasted my money. I will take a look at their workbooks, but this video goes in the giveaway pile.