LOE Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference

LOE Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference

3rd Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9781942154556
Price: $9.99

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The Logic of English® Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference is a full-color chart for teachers and students. Six fold-out pages are packed with the most essential information found in Uncovering the Logic of English, by Denise Eide, as well as in Logic of English® curriculum.

This useful chart includes:

Product Details

  • Printed on heavy stock
  • Coated for durability
  • Folds into 8.5 x11 size for ease of storage
  • Six panels
  • 3rd Edition (2018). Includes the new phonogram ES, a new expanded version of Spelling Rule 7, and two new Advanced Phonograms not included in older editions. 
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