LOE Essentials Reader - Bundle

LOE Essentials Reader - Bundle

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Engage the interest and build the confidence of struggling readers!

Thirty high-interest passages controlled for the phonics and language concepts students are learning in Essentials. When using the Reader in conjunction with Essentials, students are able to successfully sound out every word, with no sight words or guessing, thereby building fluency and confidence. The Essentials Reader Teacher's Guide and Student Activity Book provide comprehension questions, pre- and post-reading activities, handwriting practice, and composition exercises, making The Essentials Reader a complete reading comprehension and composition program for upper elementary grades or struggling readers of any age.

These texts are designed with the older student in mind. While many early readers appear "babyish" to an older student, The Essentials Reader engages students with topics such as sports, history, science, and inspiring biographies. In addition, The Essentials Reader supports students in developing fluency with the tools they are learning in Essentials, teaches academic vocabulary, and develops comprehension skills.

  • High-interest texts written for older students!
  • No sight words! - when introduced with the corresponding Essentials lessons
  • Phonics controlled
  • Natural language
  • Fiction and non-fiction texts, including poems, a recipe, short stories, and informational texts
  • Diverse topics such as sports, science, technology, and biographies
  • Engaging illustrations and call-outs
  • Scheduled as optional reading practice in the Essentials curriculum
  • Pre-reading word lists marked with Logic of English spelling analysis markings
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Texts grow in length as students progress in ability

What's Included?

This set includes everything you need to add The Essentials Reader to your Essentials set, creating a complete language arts program for a 3rd to 6th grade student or older struggling reader.

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