Living Language Spanish - Complete Course

Living Language Spanish - Complete Course

Publisher: Random House
2nd Edition, ©2008, ISBN: 9781400024247
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The Living Language Spanish Complete Course teaches the basics of Spanish language and usage for beginners or those who want a thorough review. It uses a highly effective speed-learning method developed by U. S. government experts to teach languages to overseas-bound service personnel and diplomats.

This package includes:

Three 60-minute compact discs with 40 lessons

  • Begin with simple words and progress to complex phrases and sentences.
  • Just listen and repeat after the native speakers on the recordings to learn naturally, the way you learned English.

The Spanish Textbook

  • 40 lessons from the recordings with translations, additional vocabulary, detailed explanations, quizzes, and reviews.
  • Verb charts, a comprehensive grammar summary, and a section on letter writing are also included.

A Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary

  • More than 20,000 words, idioms, and expressions.
  • Examples show how words are used in everyday conversation.
  • 1,000 frequently used words are highlighted for easy reference.

If you have more questions, please visit the FAQs at the Living Language website.

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