Living Fossils - DVD

Living Fossils - DVD

Evolution: The Grand Experiment

by Dr. Carl Werner
Publisher: Master Books
DVD, 1 page
List Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $15.99

Based on the second volume of the Grand Experiment book series, LIVING FOSSILS. This second episode critically examines the most basic tenet of evolution: animals and plants changed over time. In a most fascinating approach, Dr. Werner compares fossils found in dinosaur rock layers with living organisms. He asks this simple and straightforward question: Did animals and plants change over time as the theory of evolution suggests? The answer he found was startling.

LIVING FOSSILS DVD has the feel of a PBS documentary, with British narrator Andres Williams, and contains spectacular underwater footage of Dr. Werner diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, plus footage from dinosaur dig sites in Europe and North America. This episode was shot on location in eight countries on three continents.

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