Live the Legend (CD)

Live the Legend (CD)

Love Songs of the Renaissance

by Owain Phyfe, New World Renaissance Band
©1992, Item: 5447
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We've really been enjoying these CDs. They are a mix of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance music, sung in many different languages, and played with modern instruments. At times lively, other times somber, they are altogether very beautiful.

Track Titles:
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  1. Drive the Cold Winter Away (3:15)
  2. II Prigioniero (3:10)
  3. Es Warb Ein Schoner Jungling (5:04)
  4. In Hac Valle Florida / Dissembling Love (1:54)
  5. Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (3:18)
  6. Mignonne, Allon Voir Si La Roze (4:33)
  7. What Then Is Love Than Mourning (2:37)
  8. La Sirena (2:29)
  9. O Lady, For Thy Constancie (Adeu, O Desie of Delyt) (2:41)
  10. Pastime With Good Company (3:32)
  11. Fortune My Foe (3:10)
  12. Depairt, Depairt (3:05)
  13. Mon Coeur Se Recommande 'A Vous (3:11)

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  The Music Lives On
Sincerelyornot of Oregon, 10/3/2011
I love this cd! Its soft but upbeat, just the right music for washing dishes at night.

My favorite track is "Drive the cold winter away", an old English tune describing the change of seasons. You can almost feeling the crackling fire on your skin as the flutes play in the background.

The most interesting tune, to me, is "Pastime With Good Company," written by Henry VIII of England. Yes, the one of six wives fame. You can see the future tyrant in the words, saying in essence, all I want to do is be entertained, no one will will get in my way.

Educational and easy on the ears, what could be better than that?
  A Great Introduction Into Renaissance Music
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 5/31/2011
This is a great introduction to Renaissance music. The tracks alternate between upbeat and slower songs, and some of them are in Italian or French (really like that!). I love singing along with most of the tracks. A thoroughly enjoyable CD!